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    1. P93 Mitsubishi Ultrasound Video Printer
    2. P93 Mitsubishi Ultrasound Video Printer
      This P93 Mitsubishi black and white video graphic printer, sometimes also called ultrasound video printer, medical thermal printer, is a kind of new-type printing machine manufactured by Mitsubishi Company, and its printing paper can be KP61B normal thermal paper with the specification of 110mm×21m, KP65HM high-density thermal printing paper with the dimension of 110mm×21m, and ultra-high density bright thermal printing paper with the specification of 110mm×18m...
    1. UP-897MD SONY Ultrasound Video Thermal Printer
    2. UP-897MD SONY Ultrasound Video Thermal Printer
      1. Its thermal head is covered by a thin film, and its printing mode is direct thermal printing.
      2. Its print density is 1280 dot-matrix and its graduation is 256 gray balance and 325 dpi.
      3. The image dimension of this SONY UP-897MD ultrasound scanner video thermal printer is 94×71mm as the minimum one and 127×96mm as the maximum one.
      4. It can be controlled through the front panel, and its printing speed is as fast as 2.0 seconds...

Video Graphic Printer

Description of Video Graphic Printer:
This ultrasound video graphic printer can work together with ultrasound imaging devices, and it can also display on the thermal printing paper images that are easy to diagnose.

It is mainly used for image output of diagnostic equipment, gel imaging, microscopic analysis, monitoring, industrial examining, scientific research, and film and entertainment production in various fields, like the black and white ultrasound, color Doppler ultrasound, endoscope microscopic analysis, digital color Doppler ultrasound nuclear medicine, X-ray, CT, nuclear magnetic resonance PACS imaging system, etc.

Our ultrasound video graphic printer has received the CE certificate.

Features of Video Graphic Printer:
1. The employment of the newest 325DPI high-density thermal printing head and image processing chip makes the high-resolution printing available.
2. It can automatically choose the size of the printing paper according to the data of images.
3. More amplification functions are available.
4. It is able to print several images on the same paper.
5. It can automatically lock the button on the front board to avoid wrong operation.
6. Its LCD can display its printing conditions.
7. It is able to print the sets, time, date, as well as annotation.
8. It has features being light in weight, paper-jam-free design, and reliable performance.
9. Its paper size is A6 format.

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