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PL-5018 Portable Digital Ultrasound Scanner

PL-5018 Portable Digital Ultrasound Scanner

PL-5018 portable digital ultrasound scanner consists of the main unit, monitor and probe. This portable ultrasound scanner is a high resolution diagnosis device. It is controlled by microcomputer and applied with DSC, DBF, RDA, DRA, DRF, DFS and frame correlation technologies, etc. The electrical impulses of digital ultrasound scanner arouse wafer (transducer) to produce certain frequency ultrasonic wave according to the different organs with different density and ultrasonic velocity. Different acoustic impedances produce response signal through organs. The response waves are absorbed by the portable ultrasound scanner’s transducer, then transfer into electrical impulses and become video signal after processed by detecting and digital scan, last show the sectional image of organs on screen.

Features of PL-5018 Portable Digital Ultrasound Scanner:
1. With LCD display, this portable ultrasound scanner produces less harmful radiations.
2. It features friendly operation interface, high quality and beautiful appearance.
3. This digital ultrasound scanner owns clear and high resolution image.
4. It is compact and light which is easier for carry.

Technical Parameters of PL-5018 Portable Ultrasound Scanner:

B & W Mode B, 2B, B/M, 4B, M, PW
Color Flow Mode CFM, PDI, PW, B/C
Duplex Real-time simultaneous 2D, Doppler
Gray Scale 256
Display 15” LCD monitor
Transducer Frequency 2.5-10Mhz
Digital Technology Dynamic Receiving Focusing (DRF)
Dynamic Frequency Scanning (DFS)
Scanning Depth 300mm
Transducer Connectors 2 active transducer connector ports
Peripheral Ports video, S-video, VGA, 4 USB ports
Power Supply 100~240VAC±10%, 50Hz/60Hz
Min qty One set
Warranty Time One year maintenance and life-long service

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Xuzhou Palmary Electronics Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of portable digital ultrasound scanners in China. Based on the advanced technologies abroad and at home, our products have passed the certification of CMD, ISO and CE, and our portable ultrasound scanners have been well received by customers all over the world, such as Syria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Pakistan, Iran, Vietnam, and many other countries and districts. If you’re interested in digital ultrasound scanner, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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