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    1. ML-2018CI Digital Portable Ultrasound Scanner
    2. Portable Ultrasound Scanner

      This kind of portable ultrasound scanner is typically designed to clearly display images of different organs of human bodies in clinical applications. It's mainly made up of main unit, probe and displayer, and the 3.5MHz convex array probe is its standard configuration. The optional configurations are L3-1/7.5MHz high frequency linear probe and EC1-1/13R/6.5MHz trans-vaginal probe.

      The ultrasound has good directivity and physical properties like reflection...

    1. Laptop Ultrasound Scanner
    2. Laptop Ultrasound Scanner
      This ML-2018 plus digital laptop ultrasound scanner is mainly composed of main unit, 1 probe connector, 10.4" high resolution and contrast LCD, 1 pc 3.5MHz R60 convex probe, back-lit keyboard, 256 frames cine-loop, OB & GYN software, 1 USB port & 1 USB cable, 5P-2 power adapter, MD-318 Li battery, and 1 notebook bag. And its optional configurations are 7.5MHz linear probe, 6.5MHz transvaginal probe, and video printer (MITSUBISHI P93)...
    1. ML-2018CII Trolley Ultrasound Scanner with Two Probes
    2. Trolley Ultrasound Scanner
      1. Microcomputer and digital scanning converter are designed for this kind of scanner, and its images are very clear, stable and high-resolution.
      2. All of B, B+B, B+M, and M display modes are available and 256 grayscale is employed.
      3. Its real-time images can be frozen and amplified, as well as reversed up and down, left and right, and black and white...
    1. ML-2018CIV Ultrasonic Diagnosis System with Two Probes
    2. ML-2018CIV Ultrasonic Diagnosis System with Two Probes
      1. Microcomputer, digital scanning converter and TGC control system are designed for this kind of ultrasonic diagnosis system.
      2. Its images are clear, stable and high-resolution.
      3. B, B+B, B+M, and M display modes are available, and the grayscale is 256.
      4. Its image reversion modes include up/down, left/right, and black/white...
    1. ML-3018 Digital Palm Smart Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner
    2. Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner
      1. Its handheld structure makes it small and exquisite to carry.
      2. Its images are quite clear, stable and high-resolution.
      3. Display modes of B, B+B, 4B, B+M and M have been designed, and its image grayscale is 256.
      4. The display of fixed characters, real-time clock and date is available.
      5. Touch keyboard and mouse operation make this palm smart veterinary ultrasound scanner easy...
    1. ML-3018 Handheld Digital Ultrasound Scanner
    2. ML-3018 Handheld Digital Ultrasound Scanner
      Net weight: 700g
      5.0 inch TFT LCD
      Easy-to-use GUI menu
      Low power consumption
      USB 2.0 for real-time picture uploading to PC ...
    1. ML-2018V Veterinary Handheld Ultrasound Scanner
    2. ML-2018V Veterinary Handheld Ultrasound Scanner
      This handheld ultrasound scanner machine is feathered in lightweight (750G), easy hand carrying, accurate imaging and simple interface.
      There are two difference kinds of probe, dual frequencies ultrasound scanner machine selectable in our company offer more widely range of applications. And special designed ones also available per customer. Those machines allow quick and easy diagnosis for Uterine, ovarian examination...
    1. 3D Ultrasound Scanner
    2. 3D Ultrasound Scanner
      1. The 3D ultrasound scanner is standard configurations consist of main unit, 3.5 MHz multi-frequency convex probe, 3D software with softdog, and Lenovo laptop. And its optional configurations are 7.5 MHz linear probe, 6.5 MHz transvaginal probe, 5.0 MHz micro-convex probe, MITSTUBISHI P93 thermal video printer, and SONYUP-897MD thermal video printer.
      2. Its application range includes abdomen, OB/GYN, urology, and many other small parts of human...

Ultrasound Scanner

Description :
The ultrasound scanner is mainly used for clearly displaying cross-section images of different organs and surrounding organs. Because its images are quite similar to the actual anatomy structure, it is quite suitable for early diagnosis in clinical applications.

The ultrasound possesses good directivity and physical properties like reflection, scattering, attenuation, and Doppler effect, just like light. When the ultrasound is sent into human body, and different acoustic impedances appear in normal and pathological tissues, reflection and scattering will happen on the surfaces of these issues. Then the ultrasound scanner receives and deals with these echo signals, and displays them on the screen in forms of wave, curve and image.

Because differences exist in all of human tissue surfaces, movement states of human tissues and organs, and absorption capacity for ultrasound, their echoes have something in common as well as something different from each other. Based on these things, doctors can get right diagnosis for their patients.

Applications of Ultrasound Scanner:
1. It can be used in ophthalmology for diagnosing non-metallic foreign things.
2. It can be employed in abdomen, OB/GYN, urology, and many other small parts in human bodies.
3. This ultrasound scanner can also be used in diagnosing tumors, like malignant tumor (extrahepatic growing, inverted), and intestinal tumor (colon cancer, rectal cancer).
4. It can be used to diagnose inflammation and ulcer, such as chronic gastritis, menetrier, gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, etc.
5. This kind of scanner can be applied in congenital abnormality of gestrointestinal tract, like congenital pyloric stenosis, and gestrointestinal double malformation.
6. It is also widely used for diagnosis in fields, such as acute gastrectasis, gastric exercise dysfunction, gastric foreign body, gastroptosis, general examination of liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, urinary system, and more.

1. Our ultrasound scanner has received the certification of ISO.
2. It is a kind of high-resolution convex linear array ultrasound scanning diagnostic system.
3. To ensure its images high-clarity, good stability and high resolution, our ultrasound scanner has designed with micro-computer control and digital scan converter (DSC), digital beam-forming(DBF), real-time dynamic aperture (RDA), real-time dynamic receiving apodization, real-time dynamic receiving focusing(DRF), digital frequency scan (DFS), 8 segments digital TGC, frame correlation technologies.
4. Its image grayscale is 256, and it has five kinds of display modes: B, B+B, B+M, M, and 4B.
5. This ultrasound scanner can freeze, store, and recall real-time images, as well as amplify partial images and reverse images up and down, left and right, and black and white. Besides, large-capacity cine loop is also available.
6. A wide range of adjustment functions are available, like multi-level scanning depth, scanning angle, dynamic range, acoustic power, frame correlation factor, as well as focus amount, focus gap, and focus position.
7. Its body marks can be as many as 40 types.
8. Its annotation includes date, time, name, sex, age, doctor, and hospital name.
9. It can measure distance, circumference, area, volume, and heart rate. It has two preset obstetric tables to measure gestational age, fetal weight, and the expected date of delivery.
10. To better meet clinical diagnosis demands, it has many different optional probes.
11. PAL-D video output is available, and it can be connected with video printer and large-screen displayer.
12. Touch backlighting keyboard of silica gel and trackball operation make this scanner quite convenient and flexible to use.
13. Both portable and trolley structures are available, and its shell is ABS.
14. Transformer switch power supply without power frequency, programmable parts, and surface mounting technology are employed to make this ultrasound scanner highly compact.
15. Its standard configuration is C3-1/60r/3.5MHz convex array probe, and its optional configurations include L3-1/7.5MHz high frequency linear probe, EC1-1/13R/6.5MHz trans-vaginal probe.

We are a manufacturer and supplier of ultrasound scanner in China. Our product has received the certification of ISO and CE. They have been quite popular among customers from Syria, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, India, Pakistan, Iran, Vietnam, Indonesia, Britain, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Romania, South Africa, Egypt, Ecuador, Uganda, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Mexico, the United States, Canada, Argentina, Peru, etc. If you're interested in any of our products, please don't hesitate to contact us.