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    1. ML-3018 Digital Palm Smart Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner
    2. ML-3018 Digital Palm Smart Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner
      1. Its handheld structure makes it small and exquisite to carry.
      2. Its images are quite clear, stable and high-resolution.
      3. Display modes of B, B+B, 4B, B+M and M have been designed, and its image grayscale is 256.
      4. The display of fixed characters, real-time clock and date is available.
      5. Touch keyboard and mouse operation make this palm smart veterinary ultrasound scanner easy...
    1. ML-2018CI Digital Portable Ultrasound Scanner
    2. ML-2018CI Digital Portable Veterinary Ultrasound Diagnostic
      1. Microcomputer and digital scan converter (DSC) are designed for this scanner.
      2. Variable aperture and multi-stage dynamic focusing mode are designed.
      3. Its image is clear, stable and high-resolution.
      4. Four display modes are designed: B, B+B, B+M and M. And its grayscale is 256.
      5. Three probe types are acceptable: convex, linear, transvaginal...
    1. ML-3018I Laptop Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner
    2. ML-3018I Laptop Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner
      1. Its image is clear and stable, and has a high resolution.
      2. Four display modes have designed for this laptop veterinary ultrasound scanner: B, B+B, B+M and M.
      3. It can amplify the frozen, real-time and partial images, and it can be reversed up and down, left and right, and black and white.
      4. It has 10 different kinds of body marks and lithotripter positioning function is also available...
    1. Laptop Ultrasound Scanner
    2. ML-2018 Plus Digital Laptop Ultrasound Scanner
      This ML-2018 plus digital laptop ultrasound scanner is mainly composed of main unit, 1 probe connector, 10.4" high resolution and contrast LCD, 1 pc 3.5MHz R60 convex probe, back-lit keyboard, 256 frames cine-loop, OB & GYN software, 1 USB port & 1 USB cable, 5P-2 power adapter, MD-318 Li battery, and 1 notebook bag. And its optional configurations are 7.5MHz linear probe, 6.5MHz transvaginal probe, and video printer (MITSUBISHI P93). ...
    1. Laptop Ultrasound Scanner
    2. ML-3018V Handheld Digital Ultrasound Scanner
      The ML-3018V handheld digital ultrasound scanner is a well-balanced choice for those who require both the value of features of traditional color Doppler ultrasound system and the accessibility without any budget constraint. The USB disk function makes the images easily transferred into computer. Its rechargeable battery could last at least three hours. Due to our remarkable design and success in the ultrasound field, this handheld ultrasound scanner will offer customers amazing ...
    1. ML-2018V Veterinary Handheld Ultrasound Scanner
    2. ML-2018V Veterinary Handheld Ultrasound Scanner
      This handheld ultrasound scanner machine is feathered in lightweight (750G), easy hand carrying, accurate imaging and simple interface.
      There are two difference kinds of probe, dual frequencies ultrasound scanner machine selectable in our company offer more widely range of applications. And special designed ones also available per customer. Those machines allow quick and easy diagnosis for Uterine, ovarian examination...

Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner

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