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    1. ML-9800 Digital Portable Colposcope
    2. ML-9800 Digital Portable Colposcope
      This ML-9800 digital portable video colposcope is a kind of gynecological clinical diagnostic instrument. It can magnify images by 10 to 60 times, so it can help doctors to find small lesions that naked eyes cannot.
      Because of its amplification effects, doctors can clearly see the blood vessels on the cervical skins so as to find the cervical cancer precursor lesions. In this way, basis for early diagnosis...
    1. ML-9800A Video Colposcope Connected with Monitor
    2. ML-9800A Video Colposcope Connected with Monitor
      This ML-9800A portable colposcope connected with monitor is a kind of gynecological clinical diagnostic equipment, and it widely applied in diagnosing lower genital tract diseases, especially reproductive tract precancerous lesions and early cancer.
      By enlarging the observed images by 10 to 60 times, it is helpful for doctors in finding small pathological changes that cannot be found by our naked eyes...

Portable Video Colposcope

Features of ML-9800 Digital Portable Colposcope:
1. Ring fiber lens is used in this digital portable colposcope.
2. The halogen cold light source (15V, 150W) has been employed.
3. Adjustable brightness and a green filter are available.
4. Advanced image processing technology enables it to have functions of marking, area calculating, and image zooming.
5. It has editing functions, like image accessing, freezing, collection, deleting, etc.
6. Images can be collected continuously, and display a number of images on the same screen and convenient to contrast, full-screen display.
7. The reports can be printed into multiple formats.

Features of ML-9800A Portable Colposcope Connected with Monitor:
1. Its direct-to-screen ensures its full-screen and high-resolution images.
2. It have no couplers or beam splitters to degrade image quality or view field.
3. It can be connected with various monitor directly, like TV monitor, and PC monitor.
4. It can work normally without connection with laptop, desktop computer, or other software.
5. It is quite easy for its control computer to collect a wide variety of images.
6. The lighting system of this portable colposcope connected with monitor can produce 50% whiter and brighter light for true tissue color.
7. Its unique polarization filter can remove the glare for accurate tissue assessment.
8. The electronic green filter can remove the red color from images without light loss.
9. With advanced image management, it can store, retrieve, compare, annotate and transmit images.
10. A variety of documentation options are available.

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