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    1. ML-3018II Digital Luxury Ultrasound Scanner with Image Workstation
    2. ML-3018II Digital Luxury Ultrasound Scanner with Image Workstation
      1. The use of high-precision digital imaging technology makes its display more real and clear.
      2. With a variety of display modes, multi-angel and multi-lateral observation is possible.
      3. Due to its large-capacity image playback and permanent image storage, doctors can easily get optimum images.
      4. The usage of TGC adjustment mode and digital encoding...
    1. Ultrasonic Diagnostic System
    2. ML-2018CIV Ultrasonic Diagnosis System with Two Probes
      1. Microcomputer, digital scanning converter and TGC control system are designed for this kind of ultrasonic diagnosis system.
      2. Its images are clear, stable and high-resolution.
      3. B, B+B, B+M, and M display modes are available, and the grayscale is 256.
      4. Its image reversion modes include up/down, left/right, and black/white...

Ultrasonic Diagnostic System

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