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    1. ML-2018CI Digital Portable Ultrasound Scanner
    2. ML-2018CI Digital Portable Ultrasound Scanner
      1. Microcomputer and digital scanning converter are equipped in this digital portable ultrasound scanner. And its images are very clear, stable and high-resolution.
      2. Four display modes have been designed for it: B, B+B, B+M, and M. Its grayscale is 256.
      3. It can freeze, and enlarge real-time images, and it can also reverse its images up and down, left and right, and black and white...
    1. ML-3018I Laptop Veterinary Ultrasound Scanner
    2. ML-3018I Digital Portable Ultrasound Diagnostic
      1. Its standard configuration is 3.5 MHz multi-frequency convex probe, and its optional configurations are composed of 7.5 MHz linear probe, 6.5 MHz transvaginal probe, 5.0 MHz micro-convex probe, MITSTUBISHI thermal video printer, SONYUP-897MD thermal video printer, and trolley.
      2. It can be used for abdomen scanning, OB/GYN, urology, and many other small part scanning.
      3. It has 2 USB ports, and 2- probe connectors are fitted...
    1. ML-5018 Portable Digital Ultrasound Scanner
    2. ML-5018 Portable Digital Ultrasound Scanner
      ML-5018 portable digital ultrasound scanner consists of the main unit, monitor and probe. This portable ultrasound scanner is a high resolution diagnosis device. It is controlled by microcomputer and applied with DSC, DBF, RDA, DRA, DRF, DFS and frame correlation technologies, etc. The electrical impulses of digital ultrasound scanner arouse wafer (transducer) to produce certain frequency ultrasonic wave according to the different organs with different density ...

Portable Ultrasound Scanner

This kind of ultrasound scanner is typically designed to clearly display images of different organs of human bodies in clinical applications. It's mainly made up of main unit, probe and displayer, and the 3.5MHz convex array probe is its standard configuration. The optional configurations are L3-1/7.5MHz high frequency linear probe and EC1-1/13R/6.5MHz trans-vaginal probe.

The ultrasound has good directivity and physical properties like reflection, scattering, attenuation, and Doppler effect. When it is sent into human bodies, different acoustic impedances will appear in normal and pathological tissues, and then reflection and scattering phenomenon will occur on surfaces of these tissues. This portable ultrasound scanner can receive and handle these reflected and scattered signals, and then show them on the screen in forms of wave, curve and image.

Due to differences of human tissue surfaces, movement states and ultrasound absorption capacity, these reflected and scattered signals are similar to each other, as well as different from each other. On the basis of these things, doctors can get right diagnosis for their patients.

Features of Portable Ultrasound Scanner:
1. This instrument is a kind of convex linear array ultrasound scanning diagnostic system with high resolution.
2. The employment of micro-computer control and digital scan converter (DSC), digital beam-forming(DBF), real-time dynamic aperture (RDA), real-time dynamic receiving apodization, real-time dynamic receiving focusing(DRF), digital frequency scan (DFS), 8 segments digital TGC, and frame correlation technologies endue its image with clarity, stability and high resolution.
3. Five display modes are designed for it: B, B+B, B+M, M, and 4B, and its gray scale are 256.
4. The system can process real-time image: including display, freezing, saving, recalling and enlarging. And it can reverse its images up and down, left and right, black and white. Besides, its cine loop is large-capacity.
5. Multi-level scanning depth, angle, dynamic range, acoustic power, frame correlation factor regulation and focus number, focal space, focus position, etc.
6. More than 40 body marks are available.
7. Its display range includes date, time, name, sex, age, doctor, hospital annotation, distance, circumference, area, volume, heart rate measurement. Preset two obsteric tables are used to measure GA, FW and EDD.
8. To better meet clinic diagnosis demand, many optional probes are available.
9. PAL-D and VGA video output enables it to be connected with external video devices like printer and large monitor.
10. Touch backlighting silica keyboard and trackball ensure its convenient and flexible operation.
11. Potable structure with ABS shell, transformer switching power supply without power frequency, programmable parts (FPGA) and surface mounting technology (SMT) ensure its compact structure.

Attentions for In-Operating Portable Ultrasound Scanner:
1. The holes for heat radiation should not be covered at any time.
2. After shutdown, 2-3 minutes are necessary before started again.
3. During the scanning process, users should stop scanning immediately and turn off the instrument immediately once abnormal cases happen.
4. Patients should not be allowed to touch any parts in the non-application part of this portable ultrasound scanner.
5. Do not press the keyboard too hard in order to avoid the damage of this equipment.

Attentions for After-Operating Portable Ultrasound Scanner:
1. Do cut off the power supply.
2. Pull out the plug from power supply socket instead of pulling the cable.
3. Use soft medical sterilized cotton balls to clear off the couplant on the probe.
4. Put the probes into the probe box.

Maintenance of Portable Ultrasound Scanner:
1. Maintenance of main unit:
1.1. When cleaning this scanner shell, please first turn off the device and wipes it with alcohol sponges.
1.2. The device should not be turned on and off frequently.
1.3. When the device does not work for a long time, pack the device accord to the instructions on the packaging, and then store it properly in the warehouse.

2. Probe maintenance:
2.1. Because the probe is expensive and frangible, never hit it or drop it onto the floor.
2.2. When the probe is unable to work normally, put the probe into the box and press key to set probe at frozen state.
2.3. Please use medical ultrasound gel. Its waterproof grade is IPX7, so do not scatter water onto the acoustic head.
2.4. Check the probe regularly to prevent liquid leakage from spoiling the internal components.
2.5. Check the probe regularly to see whether it is filled with clean medical castor oil so as to prevent the existing air bubbles from affecting the image quality.
2.6. If air bubbles appear, open the probe oil filler hole and screw off the sealing screw, turn the probe slowly to drive the bubbles to the screw hole, infuse a little bit of castor oil into the screw hole with syringe with a needle, vent the air bubbles and fasten the sealing screw, and finally clean the oil stain on the probe surface.
2.7. Long-time gel covering may damage the probe.
2.8. Do not dismantle the probe once it is connected with the main unit so that poor contact between the plug and socket can be avoided.
2.9. Do clean up the probe after using.
2.10. Neither surgical brush nor soft brush can be used to clean up the probe. The probe can only be cleaned by soft cloth.
2.11. Paint thinner, ethylene oxide and other organic solvent should not be used to clean the probe, because they can damage the protective film on the probe surface.

How to Clean Portable Ultrasound Scanner:
1.For its shell cleaning, wipe it with soft dry cloth and then wipe gently with 75%medical alcohol sponge .
2. When cleaning the inner part, turn off the equipment first, and then open the shell and vacuum it.
3. During the cleaning process of main unit and the probe, the portable ultrasound scanner should be turned down.
4. Please use concentrates strictly according to the manufacturer's instructions carefully.
5. Because the displayer screen is easy to be scratched and damaged, please clean it carefully with soft and dry cloth.
6. Please do not clean the inner part of the device.
7. This scanner should not be put into liquids.
8. Do not leave any detergent on its surface.
9. Though there is no chemical reaction between the device shell and most detergents, detergent should not be used freely.
10. The equipment should not be cleaned by air or via heating.

How to Use Probe Correctly:
In order to prolong probe service life and obtain optimum performance, please follow these instructions:
1. Please do periodic inspection on probe cable, socket and acoustic window.
2. Please shut down the device first and then connect or disconnect it with the probe.
3. Do not drop probe or flint body onto any hard surfaces, and never hit the probe, or probe should be damaged.
4. Please put the probe in the probe box when it is not in use.
5. Never heat the probe.
6. Never bend or pull probe cable, or the internal connection should be broken.
7. Please use coupling gel only on probe head and then clean probe.
8. Examine probe acoustical window, enclosure and cable seriously after cleaning probe. The probe should never be used again if any crack or breakage is found.

Technical Parameters:

Model ML-3018 digital portable ultrasound scanner
Probe Standard configuration Optional configuration
C3-1/60R/3.5MHz convex probe L3-1/7.5MHz linear probe EC1-1/13R/6.5MHz trans-vaginal probe
operation frequency of probe 2.5Mhz,3.5Mhz,5.0Mhz 6.5Mhz,7.5Mhz,8.5Mhz 5.5Mhz,6.5Mhz,7.5Mhz
Max. detecting depth (mm) 240 (max),16 levels adjustable
Max detecting depth (mm) ≥160 ≥80 ≥60
Resolution(mm) Lateral ≤2 (depth≤80)
≤3 (80<depth≤130)
Axial ≤2 (depth≤80)
≤3 (80<depth≤130)
Blind zone(mm) ≤5 ≤3 ≤7
Geometric position precision Horizontal ≤15 ≤5 ≤10
Vertical ≤10 ≤5 ≤5
Monitoring size 12.1 inch
Display mode B、B+B、B+M、M、4B
Image grayscale 256 level
Cine loop 809 frame (Max)
Image storage 32 frames
Scanning angle Adjustable
Scanning depth 40mm-240mm
Acoustic power adjustment 2 steps
Dynamic range 100dB-130dB
Image reversion Up/down, left/right, black/white
Focus position adjustment Adjustable
Focal space 5 level
Measurement Distance, circumference, area, volume, heart rate. GA,FW,EDD
Notation Date, time, name, sex, age, doctor, hospital name. Full screen words edit.
Output report 2 type
Posture mark 40
Power consumption (MAX) ≤100VA

The probe models and their codes are:
CA60R: C3-1/60R/3.5MHz convex probe; 96 elements.
CA13R: EC1-1/13R/6.5MHz trans-vaginal probe; 96 elements
LA-40R: L3-1/7.5MHz linear probe; 96 elements

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